Monday, October 06, 2008

Quick Update

Hello, we're here! We're staying in Kalaheo, and toodling around looking at houses (some just barely qualify as "house"), oohing and ahhing at the overwhelmingly impressive tropical landscape, and getting some r&r at the beach.
Some highlights:
The movers didn't come. They were busy, something else came up, they had to make one quick stop before our place, the truck was full, they couldn't find the packing materials... you know, these things happen. AAAAAARGH!!!!! But eventually, a day later, they came, mosied, poked around, and did a 45 minute job (loading our 300 cubic feet of already-packed boxes into their truck) in 5 grueling molasses-like slow-poke hours. It was excrutiating. We finally left them to it and went and caught our plane. If moving in/to Hawaii? AVOID ROYAL HAWAIIAN MOVERS.
Thanks to all our wonderful friends in Waimea who made our departure possible! Sara, thanks for the ride! Eileen, thanks for lugging our stuff around! Erin and the Lindseys, we adore you! Enjoy our chickens! The Dowsetts, you are beautiful. Reynee, thank you for the goodbye party! And on and on.
We made it to KAuai, to our weird bed and breakfast without the breakfast-- a jungly overgrown plantation house, whittled into a dozen little rooms like a rabbit warren. Paper thin walls, we can hear our neighbors breathing in their sleep. But we can also hear the tinkling of the feng shui fountain outside, and the beeping of the geckos. There is an abundant star-fruit tree outside the door. I am a convert-- we've been munching into them straight off the tree, like apples.

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