Saturday, October 11, 2008

Last Days of Waimea

Dandelion Whine

The wonderful Dements
Ruthie and Rosie
Plumber Butt
The Dogs
Rosie's impression of the dogs

Macnut monster

Putting flowers in her ear at Matt's work
Saying Goodbye to Auntie Sasha and Mele!
The horses...
Handsome Kunaka
Looking for Bugs (Bu- gzah! She's figured out how to put emphatic plurals onto everything.)
Rosie, in beautiful dancer dress, at Aikido
Eating sushi and happy!
Wonderful Auntie Queenie. We'll miss you guys!
Last visit to 69s
Yum! Matt spent all of Rosie's nap one saturday slicing and frying: home-made tortillas, home-grown potatoes, home-grown taro. Our conclusion: why would you ever buy this, when it's SO MUCH BETTER homemade?? It was so onolicious.
The Lindsey's back yard...

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