Thursday, August 21, 2008

Utah Adventure

We found this tiny kitty by the trashcans right before we left. Hang in there kitty!Welcome to Salt Lake City! "God Bless America" and "Wonderbread"
This apricot tree is reason enough to fly 4ooo miles with a toddler. Orange, sweet, tiny, juicy, beads of nectar-- heaven.
Recovering from the red eye.
Cold mountain stream!
hiking Stewart Falls

Matt was very manly and stood in the FREEZING waterfall for about 3 minutes. Very tough!
Adorable Grandma...
Handsome Xanny
Corn as water missile
Cute cousins!
Being soft patting baby William

"wet, wet!"

Aunties at the "beach."
Rosie with Christian, one of her own ethnicity! 1/4 Japanese power!
At the Utah County Fair
Kids in Cars
Fiddlesticks will never die.
Nothing like county fair food: pulled pork sandwiches, corn dogs, and best of all.... Utah Scones!! Basically fry bread slathered in honey butter. Very wholesome.
Girls running at the fair.
At the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork
The garden is just heaven for babies. The fruit trees, the grass, the white Utah light, the dinosaurs...

The last field in Orem

All the Jos together! Betty Jo, Amara Jo, and Rosie Jo!Amara Jo and Rosie Jo enjoying the bug dust on the porch.
Rosie the Nazgul
The river at the Pitchers'

The Lovely Darringtons!
Walking with Grandpa at the Pitchers'
Enjoying the flight home-- best flight ever. We got in one hour early, and we had the whole row to ourself. Three cheers for flagging tourism!

And home again! It is so nice to be reunited.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

fkkjjjklk (in other words, Bread and Eggs)

Rosie titled this post.
Our girls are growing up! Yesterday and today our leghorn layed her first two eggs. They were delicious! Thanks Bok Bok!And here is some exceptionally glamourous bread, inspired by "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day." YUMMMMMM

We went and found a weird deserted stretch of beach in Puako. It was so blustery Rosie just hid from the stingy sand behind my legs.
So we went and played on the nice rocky path.
She was sleepy.
My gaaaahden! Fig tree, pinapple sage, lavender, nasturtium, taro, collards and california poppies in the picture.
Some more Five minute artisan bread.
I love my toaster oven!
The first two eggs! So... 4 months of feed... they come to about fifty dollars each.