Saturday, April 24, 2010

neglected cellphone photos

I didn't realize that my phone had been collecting pictures for this long-- so here's a little jaunt into the distant past!
KJ and RJ at the beach on an odd super-low-tide day. Islands became isthmuses. Isthmusi?

Bravely poking sea cucumbers abd making them squirt and retreat.
hiking in the rain!
Auntie sqwunches

North shore spelunking.
Remember that? Uuurgh.
And then this! Here she's 2 days old!


Rosie loves bubble drinks.
I've noticed that since having the baby, since Rosie turned three, Rosie gets in lots of interesting and life-threatening situations. In a still moment outside, Rosie silently changed into a swimsuit (conveniently hanging on the laundry line at her height, thank you montessori), and jumped into this trash can full of rainwater. Rosie just saw this picture and said, "you had to throw me in the shower, huh." Yup.
And a package from Grandpa with-- GASP-- CHOCOLATE CARROTS. That's genius. Why would an Easter bunny want EGGS? We all know what bunnies want, guys.
The haircut. I will forever sing the praises of K and her iphone. It stemmed the screaming. Halleluia.
True love...
Stomping in the muddy lane.

We love mud.
And papayas. This spot reminded me of the place between worlds in "The Magician's Nephew."

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby Maile One Month OLD! And some other stuff.

A month in normal time is so fast, why is it that I'm shocked this baby is ALREADY a month old? A month old sounds like a real baby! Not a newborn anymore! And she is getting fatter and smilier and longer, more alert, flopping her head around to watch our faces.

Rosie came over to me and said, "Now the car can't crash anymore! Look!" This is what she had done. We drove around like that till all the grass flew out.

Big fat delicious girl!
The P---s hosted a spectacular Pirate themed birthday party! Someone even brought their very social bird. She flew around and settled on the shoulders of a lucky few. Yarrr.

Pirate-cowgirl-princess maiden.


This was an Easter year-- we went to two Easter egg hunts, and Rosie realized that there is chocolate in them there plastic eggs. When Matt handed her one and said, "crack it open!" she considered it, and then went "knock knock!" with it on the table corner. Good girl, knows how to open up eggs! The rest of them she just threw at the ground as hard as she could and the chocolate exploded out very nicely. After the excesses of this Easter we are on a chocolate purge.

The E---s hosted a very classy Easter dinner, with this smashing (not literally) tea party set up for the kidlets. Yes, Saimin is a traditional Easter food. Why?

Elegant!Easter afternoon nap, showcasing Matt's newly shorn chin.
The bunnies! She had to wear those bunnies in the three day window they'll fit! She's already growing out of her NB clothes!

Maile was an Easter froglet. Here she is working her magic on auntie K.
Easter rainstorm trampoline jumping! Yessss!
And a continuation of my family's quirky Easter tradition: fruits and veg from the Easter Bunny. This went over better with some kids than with others.

Happy Easter!