Thursday, February 28, 2008

Backyard adventures

Rosie Mauling the cat, who was peacefully sitting in front of her Chicken TV. Horse sniffing baby
Jacko Saying Hullo
JAcko's bum.
Rosie is into pushing the stroller these days

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Grandpa Bolo's Branding

Watching from the sidelines

"Cutting" the calves from the herd with some really smart and beautiful horses. Sorry Jacko! Here he is getting innoculated, ear-notched, branded and emasculated.
A skill all young girls should possess: preparation of Mountain Oysters, Step One
Step Two
And Step Three. Delish!

Hi Jacko. Sorry.
There's the mist coming up from Waipio Valley in the Morning

Matt with the herd

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

City of Refuge

Playing with friend Ruthie at Lapakahi-- "here, have a rock."

"ooh, okay, thanks."

The radishes are thriving... I had a delicious radish sandwich, just like BJPD suggested. Yum!

The city of refuge sunset... A bit over the top with the palm trees, don't you think?

The "swimming hole" off the side of the trail.

After hiking around we went to Teshimas, and talked to the Obaachan, who turned 100 last June! She was chatting with everyone, passing out ice cream and patting the babies on their cheeks.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Waimea Paniolo

2008 is the year of the paniolo-- the Hawaiian cowboy-- in honor of Ikua Purdy and his trusty teammates, all Waimea cowboys, who made the long trek to Wyoming to compete in the national Rodeo and kicked all their mainland haole butts in 1908.
The opening event for this cowboy-packed year was a display and celebration at the theatre-- and this year the emphasis is on Paniolo of Japanese descent. These great musicians had a wonderful set of all the Waimea and Big Island songs done in the real old style.
The event opened with some Hula Kahiko (ancient hula) and oli (chant) telling the origin story of Waimea. Appropriately, it was a sacred place for women and for giving birth-- hence the name (Wai: water, Mea: red.)
Rosie climbed up onto this beautiful tutu's lap halfway through the music and stayed there happily for 20 minutes.

Pretty Place

Wild Pololu Beach Baby. She is an expert rock thower, clapper, grabber, and licker. And we alarmed to discover that she had dropped several rocks down her back into her diaper!
Stroller Captive

The view of the Waimea Puus from our backyard We went hiking in Pololu Valley today to celebrate the Big Island flash flood warning

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Here's Rosie and Kunaka at the beach from a couple of weeks ago.
Kunaka and his cousin Keohi had their one year luau yesterday in the POURING rain. Luckily they had set up four giant tents-- hundreds of people came. And there was a bounty of delicious food:
steamed buns, black bean manapua, sticky coconut rice in banana leaf, fried Kole (some of which Matt caught), pasta salad, potato salad, inarizushi, pickled seaweed with cucumber, fern frond with kimchee, fern frond with soy sauce, tuna poke (raw fish), shoyu crab poke, kimchee crab poke, fried fish filets, kalua pig, smoke meat, chicken long rice (glass noodles), japanese pickle salad, sesame fried chicken, meat balls, rice and poi.
And that's not even dessert! Some highlights: sweet potato with coconut milk, stiff japanese style jello, congo bars, haupia, guava cheesecake, bread pudding, etc. etc. etc.
So ono. A towering slide spraying icy water into the icy air. Yes it has been snowing on the mountain, we are all huddled in the tents in our jackets, and outside the kids are playing on this aptly named behemoth, and then traipsing through the food line in their bikinis, making everyone shiver!

Saturday, February 02, 2008