Friday, April 29, 2011

But Roy's deserves its own post.

"you're seriously going on a date-- without any children?"

There was lobster inside these succulent little beauts.

This tasted like the platonic fish.

And the platonic rare ahi steak and platonic lamb chop.

oozy chocolate.

Happy anniversary to us!

Big Ole Pile O' Random

Recent random goodness, sorry, I don't have the attention span to string together a coherent story arch. Arc. Ark. Ack!

The perennial hit at the farm fair: a big soothing pool full of birdseed.


My parenting style in a nutshell. She is crying. I am laughing at her. Win-win!

Maile's first dressup.

When you are dealing with a child, keep all your wits about you, and sit on the floor. –Austin O'Malley

Black cherry and chevre popsicles. I love my vitamix! I should get a vitamix ad banner. vitamix, vitamix, vitamix!

tra-la-la, fetching water in my pail from the surging white water.

Mmm, lepto rocks!


Rosie's view of the hike

Rosie's cute little leggies, from her view...

Rosie-view fernage...

Easter fruit hunt!

Sad easter fruit klingon. (sad story: starts with elaborate butterfly facepaint, takes a turn for the worst in the safeway chocolate aisle, ends up with klingon-face. And no chocolate.)
Since we live on a tropical island, our exotic easter fruit includes apples, pears, and strawberries.

MP signing, "baby"

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kid's Eye View

So RJ needed some distraction so I showed her how to use the camera. She busily went around taking pictures for an hour. I love how they are all three feet off the ground, how they are objects that fascinate her; her own feet, the locks on the cabinets, the outdoor cat asleep in her bed, and about 45 photos of photos, most of those Daddy. Here are some of my favorites, captions by RJ:
mountain mountain mountain

dress dress love love

Daddy Daddy quite contrary

baby baby rosie rosie you are really two

waffle waffle, eat eat eat

five numbers, five numbers

messy hair messy hair

kitty kitty sleep sleep sleep

spinspinspinspin baby and baby mom

bike ride bike ride bike ride

dress dress

cardboard cardboard cardboard cardboard cardboard

foot foot foot step step step foot foot foot step step step

worm worm worm worm. basil.

Green things