Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hiking to the beach with Rosie Jo
My favorite part of this picture is the footprints
We bid Jacko-boy a fond Adieu-- he was taken up to the ranch today to graze in the green pastures and get nice and fat so we can eat him. "I'll see you soon again! I hope that when I do, it won't be on a plate!"
A Kaleidescope of Rosies:
Stink eye
Cute blonde

ditto Amazon in Overalls! (note the cute pocket-duck.)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

We love Family!

We have had a wonderful time with The Great Grandma Betty Jo, the Marvelous Grandpa MArk, and the Lovely Grandma Mildred. Here's some highlights of the last couple of weeks:

Going to the beach:
Saying Howdy to the Paniolos Going to Laupahoehoe point

Matt grilled 20 lbs of grass-fed burgers, also: red chinese hot-dogs, balsamic-marinated eggplant, and lemon-olive oil asparagus. Grandma and Pa engineered Nasa-scale quantities of the most amazing potato salad ever to grace a luau. And that's saying something! We had Rosie's slightly belated one-year party at the beach!

Picking snails and kales from the garden, both for eating. We ate the kale and the chickens ate the snails.
Throwing rocks
Wading with grandpa

lying on the grass
chatting on the phone

playing piano in Relief Society

And here's some nostalgia: last year's mothers' day:

And this year's mothers' day:

We visited the Laupahoehoe train museum

and celebrated my birthday, twice!

All of this was quite exhausting

But Rosie perfected the invigorating lava-sand scrub, as well as the yogurt-papaya facial.
Happy Birthday to me!
"Woah, I'm so cute!"

Thanks for coming! We love you!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Farm Girl Days

Rosie Jo and Bubble-Boy Kunaka Come and play, friend! Oh, if only I could, Rosie Jo. If only I could.
Picture taken by 6 year old Teigan of sister Harleigh, RJ, Kunaka and moi
Noble farm girl
Ball, BALL!!!!!!!

After helping in the compost pile.