Friday, February 20, 2009

Auntie Annie, Auntie Annie!

Here's lovely Annie, with me and most of Rosie Jo!
We never really did perfect the arms-length-camera-phone portrait...

We were thrilled to monopolize Auntie Annie for a week. We beached a bit...
Annie is a lighthouse expert and clapped her hands in delight at this one in Kilauea.

"Wow, look at that defibrulated bivalve hemispheric lens!" I think that's what she said.
Nene. I love their little wee faces.

We were snorkeling and splashing about at the baby beach when the lifeguard shouted at us from his bullhorn: "You with the baby! There's a seal coming right at you in the baby pool!" Yikes! We looked and 10 feet away was this grey shiny seal head-- so close we looked right into her big red eyes! Then she made herself comfortable on the beach and we went a played in the park.

Ah, Bussup old cars-- that's the way to remember Hawaii.
Rosie counting before jumping into my arms: 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 10!!!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Seals, Rodeos, and Rock and ROLL!!!

See those two long black shapes in the baby wading pool beach? Those are endangered Hawaiian monk seals... MATING!!! Yes! Nature in action. They splashed and frolicked in front of a huge watching crowd of wading babies.
This is Rosie's chair. It's where she sits when we hang out in the garage, watching the chickens and swatting at mosquitos.
Rosie was eaten by her stroller.
Very helpful sous chef, this one. (that's flour on her nose, arm and stomach)
Happy Birthday Matt! This is a flaming Banana Cream Pie from his coworkers.

Rosie trying to figure out how to put on panties.

Superball sunday! Naked babies in a bouncy pool! Buffalo Wings! Thanks Parkers!
Matt is a guitar hero. Rosie is a dancing queen.
"Do you know any of these songs??"
"Sweet Home Alabamaaa!"
Waimea pier
Ah, rainbow shave ice with ice cream and sweetened condensed milk on top. Yum.
The first picture of the new year! We went and got up early on New Years for hatsu-hi-no-de-- the first appearance of the sun. It's was beautiful and cloudy and cold and hazy. I resolve to get new batteries for my old camera so I can stop relying on camera-phone!
Sweet New Years girl...

Cats need flowers behind their ears. This is Milton, on her right, and Cat-- sometimes Tabby-- on her left.

The Rodeo!

We went to a fancy wedding. Here's Rosie drinking a champaigne flute of martinellis while Tematahita drinks-- more approrpriately-- juice from a sippy cup.
Rosie in a playhouse.
At this very moment, there is a centipede crawling up my leg.

I'm not telling where this is.