Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wonderful days with Grandma Mildred

remember that teensy little rabbit??
here it is one year ago and...
TWO years ago! It was as big as her!
the salt pond for making delicious and mineral rich sea salt...
a little demo about salt making-- this stuff is so good, it makes my mouth water just looking at it.
Rosie's awesome new hat.
Rosie's new easter dress!

birthday cake!

being dressed, the little fashionista!
a little amiami

poor sleepy birthday girl...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday ROSIE JO!!!!!!

Now she is TWO!!!
"Haaaaappy Birthday!"
Lovely Girls!

Of course, Roselani ice cream!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This was a long time ago, but I just realized that it was never chronicled! It deserved chronicling!
So. Jessica called and said, "we're going for a wee stroll in the morning-- a saunter, barely even qualifies as a walk. Care to come along?"
Me, being a doofus, say, Sure, how hard can it be?
It was beautiful. It was amazing.
It was DEATH defying.
I'd go again in a heart beat.

Raising Critters

Look at this girl. She's transformed into a kid-- and her 2nd birthday is still a week away!
This is her response to, "make a happy face!" Ham.
We found some plumeria on our walk. And also, this is to show how HUGE she is.
And... the stroller hula.
Rosie the fluffy pink princess madly chasing a mama chicken and her chicks around the house, with her fluffy pink princess doll.
A world of contradictions. :)
Our chicks! When they were little and cute! They're already big and gross.

And here are some monarch caterpillars that Kaycee gave us-- they started out tiny-- like mechanical pencil lead. And they gorged themselves on milkweed and ballooned into these fat beasts and eventually...Made cocoons! This was all very amazing to Matt and I. Especially watching the transformation happen in real time-- a caterpillar gets all green in the face, climbs stickily to the ceiling, starts thrashing around (Rosie did a jerky caterpillar dance for the occasion) for a day, and then suddenly, wriggles out of his black crunchy caterpillar skin, and then squirms a bit and then hardens into a cocoon. Ten days later and...
Voila! They climbed out and hung upside down dripping (!) and fanning their new wings and then flutter away! It was VERY cool. Thanks Kaycee! We loved it!
Aaaand, here are some cute kids at baby beach, photo courtesy of Jessica. I noticed half-way through this playdate that three of the four families were racially identical, as in... three half-Japanese, half-caucasion guys married three white girls to produce 5 of the above 7 children. It was like a quarter Japanese kids club! You won't guess which ones from looking.