Monday, March 02, 2009


I decided that today was the day to turn the compost. As I was trying to extract 4 months worth of rotten grass clippings, lime thorns, and kitchen scraps, a HUGE yellow-green-blue-black centipede came whipping out. Jurassic this thing. Yellow feet, blue body, pale orange underside.
I admired its lovely bright colors as I hacked it to death with my shovel, chanting Die. Die. Die.
Then the wild roosters came over and finished it off, gingerly, still flipping and coiling.


KC said...

Gag! We destroyed 2 the other day that were hanging out by our hose. I've only seen the pretty colors in the little ones. I can't believe we can use "pretty" in the same sentence as "centipede".

jenica said...

how i love you!