Thursday, April 14, 2011

Recent goofiness

Someone very nice sent us this tent. If it was you, thanks! RJ has moved out of her room and into the tent permanently. It doubles as a puppet theater. Here, Rosie is rapt as Matt performs Joseph Smith's First Vision with Sharks and Hamlet with Sharks.
 Hearts. Isn't it odd how if you asked a kid to sit down and draw 700 tiny hearts and a dozen big hearts, there's no way you could get them to do it. But if you leave a stack of paper and some permanent markers on the table and go do something else for awhile, great deeds of focus are accomplished?
 Maile may be a spelunker in her future-- she loves wedging herself under small things.
 And... true bff love-- the two little blondies.
 Princesses scrub floors. Everyone knows that.
 Potty party!
 Rosie drew Daddy's favorite-- a sunflower.
 Rosie found capes for all of us and we were transformed into superheroes.

 The babies watching Blues Clues. Maile dances along with the theme song: "sit down in your thinking chair and think, think, thiiiiiiiink."
 Really, is there anything funnier than oversized accessories on small babies?

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Kaje said...

That superhero picture should be framed! :)