Friday, April 29, 2011

Big Ole Pile O' Random

Recent random goodness, sorry, I don't have the attention span to string together a coherent story arch. Arc. Ark. Ack!

The perennial hit at the farm fair: a big soothing pool full of birdseed.


My parenting style in a nutshell. She is crying. I am laughing at her. Win-win!

Maile's first dressup.

When you are dealing with a child, keep all your wits about you, and sit on the floor. –Austin O'Malley

Black cherry and chevre popsicles. I love my vitamix! I should get a vitamix ad banner. vitamix, vitamix, vitamix!

tra-la-la, fetching water in my pail from the surging white water.

Mmm, lepto rocks!


Rosie's view of the hike

Rosie's cute little leggies, from her view...

Rosie-view fernage...

Easter fruit hunt!

Sad easter fruit klingon. (sad story: starts with elaborate butterfly facepaint, takes a turn for the worst in the safeway chocolate aisle, ends up with klingon-face. And no chocolate.)
Since we live on a tropical island, our exotic easter fruit includes apples, pears, and strawberries.

MP signing, "baby"

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Liz said...

cute cute cute. I can't wait to see you this summer. MP is so grown up!