Sunday, April 17, 2011

monger. fish monger.

 My friend encouraged me to overcome my prejudice and buy some fresh fish on the side of the road. A few days later, I noticed a hand-printed cardboard sign just around the corner: FRESH FISH. I found the guy, shirtless, cutting the blocks of sweet-smelling pink meat right off of a 20 pound yellowtail. I bought three pounds and he gave me the carcass. It turned into tangy ceviche, hearty tuna steak, and seared tuna salad and about 8 quarts of fish stock. The fish stock is so gelatinous that it's basically an aspic. A deep sea jello! Here, friends, is the result:
the noble carcass

lemon cooked ahi ceviche.

Fish Stock in the Making.

Foamy, frothy, fishy goodness!
How has it taken me 5 years living in hawaii to ever buy fish from the side of the road?

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Kaje said...

Ohhhhh I bet that's amazing! Also...MUSHROOMS!? YUM!

I've never had an aspic...should I dare?

OR ceviche for that matter! Come teach my palate!