Friday, February 01, 2008

The Mice will Play

big island style graffiti (bleached white coral on lava rock)
Waianuenue Falls in Hilo, red after a big rain. the birthplace of a goddess.
Boiling Pots in Hilo I was stuck in traffic in Kona, and was stopped right next to an unmarked, unpaved turn-off. What the heck-- I turned off. After about 2 miles of rocky bumpy washboarded road, there was this lovely beach and ancient fishpond, in the process of being rebuilt.
Rosie the condor had the beach all to herself.
why must she eat sand???

Rosie and fine dining at Miyo's in Hilo--

that's a tiny bento!

the happy reunion with daddy!
you came all the way back from Kentucky just to see me?? shucks.

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