Friday, April 02, 2010

Just go to a happy place...

Remember life BEFORE rj's bad haircut?
RJ turned THREE last week!

Aaaaw, sleeping baby grins.
A beach easter-egg hunt
rj and her b-day cake

we had a fun simple bday party at the beach-- gather, eat cake, scatter. Perfect!

y is for yummy.
Here was our idyllic Saturday: We went to the beach in the morning and had RJ's birthday party with wonderful friends, then came home and Matt worked in the garden, I hung up sheets to crisp in the sunshine, RJ played in her hillbilly bathtub outside, and Maile slept. It was bliss. All we needed to complete the scene of domestic serenity and bliss was some bread rising.

Rosie has just recently had the concentration to sit quietly and work on crafts (unfortunately that included her hair project, but.) This S&A bead collection was a HUGE hit--Thanks GRandpa! She sat on the floor in extreme focus for 45 minutes and strung beads into necklaces. She even managed some patterns (pumpkin, blue, pumpkin, blue, etc.) which impressed me. Early math, people!
And what happier place is there than the beach for an evening picnic? We even got the "benefit" of the next pavilion over's musical entertainment. Hm, what rhymes with "Rain"? PAIN, of course! Other choice standout lyrics from the Eddie Vedder wannabe on the beach: "I don't wanna be here!" "go to hell, go to hell, go to hell!!!" and "bail-out the welfare moms, washington is burrrrning!!!"
Ahhh, water children. With hair.

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