Thursday, April 01, 2010

Say it ain't so.

Oh, how I wish this was some horrible april fools' joke. Someday I will laugh. Not today.

Here she is gagging and saying, "I've got hair in my mouth."
Other choice lines: "Look, my hair is out of my eyes!" And when I asked her what she thought of it, she said, "It's great!"
This morning she said, "I want to brush my hair." I said, "Huh, you don't HAVE ANY HAIR!" She came back with, "I want to brush my head then."

This is what it looks like all cleaned up after the salon.
Life needs an "undo" button.


Carolyn said...

I think every bright little girl/boy either does this self styling or practice on their younger sibling at some point! Rosie did one of the more complete butchering I've seen....what talent!

Marco Davis said...

She wanted twinner hair with her sister. Could be worse, she could be in 8th grade!

wanderlustfam said...


I only laugh because in my heart I know she has the same spirit as her mama.

Ruth 'n Ryan said...

OH...MY...LAUGH OUT LOUD. Thank you for that post..I'm still laughing. How in the? Can you elaborate on how she got so much so...SO MUCH hair off? What a girl. I love it.

Sondra said...

A friend of mine was complainin' about a bad haircut and one of your friends/relatives posted your site as a comment to make this girl feel better about her hair.
Love it. My sisters and little girl cousins were always whackin' off their hair like this. Brings back memories. Thanks for sharin'!

Elaine said...

aw... it's sort of a hipster look now. she'd do well in san francisco!