Friday, October 24, 2008

The View and a Virtual Tour of the Yard

How can I possibly caption this?Her first painting! She'd be like a pint-sized Marla Olmstead! Oh wait.

Non traditional techniques draw comparison to Pollack.
Nothing like going for a walk at noon on a sweltering 90 degree day with 100 percent humidity....with all of your stuffed animals!
They view from our road...
This thing is growing over our fence... looks like indonesian sculpture more than plant-life
Red Ginger in our yard...
Rosie picking the plumarias from our several plumaria trees

Our Samoan coconut tree, and Rosie racing between it and the Lychee tree
And picking oranges-- the tree is heavy with 'em. I've made orange juice and tonight we'll have orange sorbet for dessert. or maybe for dinner. It's hot.
The "front" door"
The "front" yard
The road from the "back"-- really the functional entrance to the house.
Pretty gorgeous, eh? It rains in short demanding bursts-- like timpani on our corrugated tin roof. And the dem chickens! At 6 am it's like a crazy chicken inferno outside-- hundreds of roosters crowing over and over, hundreds of hens bokbokboking in urgent unison. So Loud! We also have really beautiful white cattle egrets flapping around all over the place-- they fly up off the ground so suddenly its like a piece of newsprint caught in an updraft. And the other day I saw an odd dark-bodied bird about the size of a blue-jay in the rafters of the carport. He had a long black tail that he flipped like a New Zealand fantail and a really beautiful loud song-- very melodic, like a Japanese uguisu. I think we may have an actual native Hawaiian bird wandering around!


Lili said...

In response to your question, SO BEAUTIFUL.

Carolyn said...

Sure beats the inn at the end of the world! This is paradise!

Irene Tukuafu said...

I love that you took pictures of the flowers that I also love. the ones that "hang over the fence" They looked like we called them this name, firecracker heleconias. not sure of the spelling as usual. I love it that you've taken so many picture. I see you really do have a lovely house and tin roof, love that sound when it rains. you may need to buy some earplugs for late morning concerts of roosters. aloha, mama Irene