Monday, October 20, 2008

A Little Bit More of Kauai

Roasy Roaring
Glass Sands beach-- the black-looking sand is actually all small and rounded grains of multicolored glass from industrial waste. Lovely!
The dry and deserted old russian fort in Waimea, Kauai

Tourists watching queen Emalani come into the hula festival on her mount.
Hula dancers at Kokee park up in the highlands

Rosie loved watching the dancers and the drummers-- oddly from the sidelines, since there's not actually any place for an audience-- just a big empty tent with queen emalani and her attendant. So the throngs of tourists and dancer-parents can only sit behind the dancers, or far off to the side. The pictures above I actually took from backstage, getting lots of stinkeye from various official looking people with cameras and loin cloths.

the movers came!

rosie in her chair
and rosie in her chair!
awesome bumper sticker:
night marchers car club.

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Rosie's so big now!!!!!