Sunday, September 21, 2008

Parading around

We took a little jaunt over to hilo to eat at Hina Sushi, buy apple bananas at the farmer's market, and --a first-- enjoy this amazing coconut-mac-nut-banana smoothie at a farm stand.

And below-- two views of the same waterfall. It's pretty obvious we're in a drought.

The Aloha Parade! The Princess of Maui, above, is my favorite! And the Tutu below, beautiful.
thanks for the flowers, Watanabe floral!

crapft tent

Rosie loves dancing and spinning in her poofy skirt. By about 8:30 in the morning she signs "all-done" and takes off all of her clothes. Then she goes in hunt of the poofy dress, and signs "dance dress!" insistently. Then she spins and dances like a pro.
birthday suit, above, Grandma suit, below. Thanks Grandma M!

Here Rosie is riding on a marble horse at the marriot resort.

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