Monday, August 10, 2009

Introducing: Nikujaga and Takopus

Last Tuesday, after Rosie's First Real Haircut, we stopped at the Humane Society.

I must be a sucker for promos-- come on! It was a two for one cat deal! Two fixed, innoculated, chipped, dipped kittens for 50 bucks. And look at that girl's face. She sat next to that box and finally noticed that there were LITTLE NOSES poking out of the pukas.

So here they are! This little girl started out as Peko (Pekopeko is "hungry" is Japanese), but when she wouldn't eat for two days, she was re-christened Nikujaga-- Meat'n'Potatoes. She's standoffish and bony but Rosie absolutely LOVES her, calls her, "My kitty, by Baby, my POTATO!" (which is what I always call RJ.)

This one is Tako (Octopus). She is INCREDIBLY patient. She was probably purring while getting pulled like Tako Toffee.

I don't know how we got so lucky-- these are such sweet cats. They put up with al of Rosie's loves and kisses and kicks and chases and love-squishes.
Pretty little girls!


Katie and Sam said...

they are ALL adorable! (and check out Rosie's haircut!) hehe, I sneezed just looking at the pictures.

BJPD said...

I loved the fact that you have two kittens. When Calico used to supply us with bimonthly batches of cats, we would keep a few and give some away, and I always encouraged the donee (?) to take two because two kittens have so much fun and are fun to watch. These cats seem healthier than the one in your old home that Rosie loved to pieces....:-)
I love their names. Rosie looks so cute with that new haircut.
The party tonight was a success despite a passing was cool--almost cold--but gorgeous in the mountains and reminded me exactly of the story of Rip Van Winkle....