Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Backyard Shenaningans

It's funny to remember when we first moved to Kauai, way back in October, and found all of the playsets on the island, RJ wouldn't slide. She'd just grab onto the bar and suspend her fat little legs over the abyss, and hang there. Now she's a slider girl-- the same 26 lbs as she was back then, but all lean and ribs and speed.

She's into "tattoos." Ever since she caught me doodling potential tattoos on Matt's arm with a Sharpie, how can I honestly say "no"?
The artiste at work:
The final result? Whiskers!

Side view of the whiskers. Also note the dreadlocked hair.
The kittens are growing and have worked out most of their disgusting kinks-- now they are just cute purring little waterbottles. They are somehow infinitely patient-- this morning I caught RJ strangling this one till her eyes bulged and she made little choking noises. We had to have a discussion about "Dead means you cannot kiss it better! Dead means, the squished frogs in the road!" Not sure if that got through, really... kind of hard for adults to wrap our brains around.

She loves them. They put up with it-- even sometimes purring masochistically while she "hides" them under a pillow or...
Sits on them in their cat carrier box. Yes, there are two biggish kittens in there.
Rosie can do the splits.
AAAAAGH, here's our newest pet!

Look at the way he bends that White Oleander leaf waaaaaay back. He must weight half a pound!
I don't think this attempt at scaling him really does him justice. I think my thumb is foreshortened a bit: he was at least as thick as my fat thumb, and twice as long. Look at all those little sticky legs! And look how decimated my plant is! We went out the next morning to try and find him again (affectionatelly calling him "Our Monster") but he had vanished. But we have had some HUGE moths around-- the size of bats, adhering to our kitchen window. So maybe we'll see him again in his next incarnation.


Katie and Sam said...

I love RJ's whiskers! She had permawhiskers when you guys visited us in Utizzle. Adorable. She really is stunningly cute. Thanks for posting. It may have lessened the horribleness of (CENSORED BY THE AUTHOR). I swear she's seriously (CENSORED BY THE AUTHOR). I was tempted today to (CENSORED BY THE AUTHOR).
love you beek

Kourtney said...

Oh man those pics of Rosie are too cute. I wanna squeeze her!

KC said...

What? Matt's getting a tattoo? Cute abused kitties. Get that girl in gymnastics! I can't believe the size of that thing! It is so mushy looking! I love the aqua jeweled head. Too bad you didn't jar him so we can see before our eyes what becomes of him!