Monday, August 10, 2009

Fun and Friends.. and a little bit of family, even!

Rosie LOVES visiting daddy's office. At home she sets up her own office, which basically means a big pile of pens and pencils. And a spinny chair. What else would anybody want from an office?We had a surreal experience a couple of weeks ago-- we went to the beach and had a picnic with friends in one of the pavilions-- after a whole leisurely meal, I was tidying up when I happened to meet eyes with the guy at the next table.... And it was my cousin Chris, and his family! Bizarre! So they came over for a second a couple days later, and admired our chickens and our posh set up. Small, small, small world.

Every friday night in hanapepe they have Art Night-- street vendors set out their wares (in the rain-- it always rains) and all the galleries open their doors. The only store I've ever actually BOUGHT anything at is this funky (slightly overpriced) used bookstore. They have fat lounging cats and eclectic collections which they guard possessively. On friday night they have a little music area set up in front-- this guy stood out there all night, singing heavily distorted Johnny Cash covers. Notice his very stylish saddle shoes.
I forget the context to this picture--I'll guess though: Rosie, napless. Becca going a bit batty. Lapperts ice cream for dinner. So here's my question, if you walk a mile to an ice cream shop, is it exercise?
Aaaand, there was a parade! In our town! There was a train! On a truck! It said Choo choo!
We had to walk three miles up hill over simmering pavement, wade through a stream of effluent, slip down a muddy ravine, climb through a wall of brambles, and crouch in the dirt to watch the parade, but by gum, we did it.
Rosie is at the very sweet age where she is beginning to be very attached to her friends. Luckily she has excellent taste, and her friends all belong to wonderful parents, who I enjoy whiling away the hours with. With whom I enjoy whiling away the hours... Well, we have got to genuinely enjoy whiling away the hours... (hehe, I've always wanted to split an infinitive...) But, how would a dangle a participle??
Rosie and A. love goading each other on and running wild like hyenas at the mall. They found this nice little nook to hide and "be lost" in.
The Jamba Juice Ladies see us coming and baton down the hatches.
GENKI SUSHI!!! This is Rosie's absolutely favorite place. (Notice the secret portrait of the moms in the window!)
The best part of Genki Sushi is the Big Yellow Extra Poppy Balloon that you can beg from the aunties.
Very Happy Face.


Marco Davis said...

Dear Rosie, this is your auntie Zina and nuncle Xanny. We saw your Kittens. We love you. Your kittens are pretty. Tako is very beautiful. We want to come to see you right now. We promise to come when Zina is five and Xanny is seven. OK?? WE LOVE YOU!

Xanny and Zina

Irene Tukuafu said...

Rosie are sooooooooo lucky Rosie Jo....wonderful parents that love you and take you to all of this stuff and ice cream and parades and getting you already know what happiness is. Tell your mommy to take pictures of the ladies at Church to see if I know my friend of 45 years ago...Enoa. she will have darling grandchildren for you to play with too.