Saturday, June 13, 2009

Paris! Montmarte and Pigalle...

Our first day in Paris, we hopped on the subway and went to hike up Montmarte-- it was a beautiful chilly day, and so there were no tourists. We looked into all of the fragrant cheese shops ("Like ze feet of ze angels!"), spice stalls, tea places, boulengeries, patisseries (sorry for the bad french spelling, ya'll), got ourselves some crepes, admired the windmills, and peeked into the cool dark church. We caught a tiny bit of mass. A group of nuns were playing hammered-dulcimers and singing, in that high ethereal echoey medieval way, filling up the stone columns and floating roof. It was very moving-- my inner Catholic stirred again.
We liked the area so much that we came back again on our last day in Paris-- this time it was a bright sunny day, and the steps were mobbed with loungers and pushy peddlers...

Here's Rosie rolling down the mountain.

WHEEEE! We loved Montemart.
Here's the cloudy day view:

And a poster for HORSE milk we saw in a biologuque store, on the scenic walk up to Montemarte and Sacre Couer
CREPES. See all those jars of nutella?
Spice store...

Butcher...The Moulin Rouge!

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