Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Last Stops: Boston

We got to Boston after our 7 hour flight, and made our way to Liz and Andrew's New England village. This place is seriously beyond picturesque: dogwoods and azaleas in bloom, cute houses with painted shutters and toll-painted flags on the doors.... Why is it that red white and blue decorations in New England are quaint and in Utah they seem politically aggressive? Anyway.

Here are some web-stolen-shots of their 'hood.

Until coming to Boston, Rosie thought that squirrels were mythical beasts. We don't have squirrels in Hawaii. Just chickens and rats. So it was seriously delightful to watch ACTUAL SQUIRRELS bounding through the yard, climbing trees, and PICKING ACTUAL NUTS with their little squirrel fingers! Like seeing a unicorn!

Liz, Andrew, Matt and I were lounging around comparing notes about our various adventures and our stays in Paris. I said, "Paris was fun but, sheesh, we stayed at such a dive! The place was really dingy, these narrow little stairs, the bathroom was microscopic..."
Liz said, "Oh, that's too bad. The place we stayed was really nice! It was really close to the Gare D'lEst!"
me: "Oh really? So was ours! Right next to a Kebab place."
Andrew: "Ours was right next to a Kebab place too!"
me: "We were on Rue de Terrage."
Liz and Andrew: "NO. WE were on Rue de Terrage!"
Me: "The Terrage Hotel!"
All: screams of disbelief all around.
Andrew: "What room were you in?"
Becca and Matt: "Twenty."
Liz: Hysterical laughter. "No way."
Andrew: dumbfounded silence, then, "See, I told you it was a dive!!!"

Proof positive that the Davis girls are cheap: somehow we both found the 2nd cheapest stay in Paris! But the same room??? Bizarre.

We had a wonderful relaxing time in Boston for just one day. We walked around the lake, ate Authentic Boston Donuts in a place where everybody greeted each other when they came in: "Hey Bob." "Hey there Bob." Yes, I'm pretty sure everyone is named Bob. We met some of Liz and Andrew's neighbors. They too were named Bob. The guy who owns their house? Also Bob.

A bit discombobulating! hardeeharhar

We went to the grocery store and Matt and I had to stuff our fists in our mouths to keep from screaming "THAT'S SO CHEAP!!!" at every thing we saw. Produce for under a dollar a pound? ARUGULA? At the STORE??? A gallon of Organic milk... for $4??? It was painful.

Hawaii is an expensive place.

Liz made some delicious curry and then we all went for a little walk to a cute downtown ice cream parlor. With a whole bunch of homemade flavors, and laminated counters and little sticky leather booths-- it was so picturesque! Not unlike the general feeling of the web picture below.

Ahhh, lovely stuff.

Then at 4 the next morning, Liz took us to the airport where we said our fond, "See yas!" and parted ways. Matt went home to Hawaii, and Rosie and I made our way to our last stop, Utah!

Thanks Liz and Andrew for the post-vacation vacation!

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