Monday, June 08, 2009

Big Adventure-- Boston

So after a lovely few days in Utah, Rosie, Grandpa and I jumped in an airplane and had a very pleasant flight to Boston. Liz picked us up from the airport, and we drove us over to the concert venue for her Big Graduation Concert. Actually I need a better verb than "drove." What verb would you use to describe hairpin turns, cross-lane dashes, weaving, dodging, and leaping over half-closing draw-bridges, and nudging other cars out of the way? Andrew said, "We're out for paint."
They assured me it's normal city driving. I aged several years. I mean, WHEEEEEEEE! Next time I'm bringing a helmet, though.

Pa concocted some beautiful dinner for us all-- rainbow pasta with an array of saucy sauces.
Matt and I went for a Rosie-nap-inducing long walk around Liz' little town. I loved the angel hovering over the shoulder of this grave... and the stories hinted at with the other ones...

We walked through boston commons and through a Gay-Straight Youth fest, with tables of free condoms and girls with beards and lots of very young, very self-consciously dressed teens (a lanky boy with greasy brown hair and spots in an amazing black lace dress) and vulnerable handwritten signs taped to chests: "Free hugs." Later the horde migrated to the Ugly Prom.

I love the brown brick canyons and the new light green leaves on the trees-- all the tiny quiet park-like spaces, the outdoor statuary, and the general sense that the whole city is young and smart and caffeinated. We waded contra-flow through little Italy.
I loved the balding men in polyester pants and polo shirts, smoking fat cigars and speaking italian and sitting on the street.

Matt got attacked by this teeny tiny Bantam rooster. He saw us walking past and admiring his Girls, and he jumped up over the fence and came after us. Congratulations LIZ!!!! Good job, sister. It was wonderful to have a few precious seconds with the Barkers too. I wish I could just soak them up they're so great.

The best was Liz' amazing Berklee concert and graduation-- picture a high school talent show-- young people, sincere, sometimes paralyzed with self-conciousness, earnest, done up-- and mind-bogglingly talented. Singing latin, pop, gospel, motown... and liz really was the most beautifully radiant girl on the stage, playing standup cello with her Folk Arts Quartet girls.
Rosie loves public transit.

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