Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Holland-- Arnhem

After a week in t 'Sgravenzade we moved East towards Arnhem. We spent a lovely day at the Openlucht Museum full of beautiful historical houses, windmills, heritage cattle breeds, and buttery puffy little poffertjes from HEAVEN. Go to Holland. Eat the Poffertjes.
Oh yeah, and a carousel. You can see Andrew in the background leaping boldly from horse to horse.
Picturesque, much?

Inter-breed lesbian cattle love!

A chance for kids (and adults) to practice milking on a non-kicking cow...

And kabouters.
Matt LOVED the train!

And we LOVED! seeing Angela in Appeldorn. I was so glad to reconnect with her and see why she and my mom were such good friends.
We took a little side trip over to the campus of Wageningen University, where Matt got to chat with some folks about international agriculture research exchange, dissertation topics, and poffertjes. Well, probably about poffertjes. I mean, come on, it's Holland. Why talk about anything BESIDES poffertjes?
Here's the campus:

Poor Rosie was trapped in the backpack for all naps.

Goodbye Holland! It was Brill to be back again for a minute, and enjoy the amazing cheeses, the "netjes" well ordered little gardens, the understated feats of impossible engineering, and best of all the company of good friends (HILARIOUS Asbjiorn. Huh-Larious. And kind and masterful and warm and delicious Marta and Andre, and Celeste and Madelone-- BEAUTIFUL, all of them) and MY DEAR FAMILY! Heart yall, we're goin' to FRANCE, next! With a suitcase full of stroopwaffels. And poffertjes. And possibly some friets with greasy mayo. And Pindasauce. And Fla. And Spekulaas.


Katie and Sam said...

The scenery is good and all, and the people, but we know we all went to holland for the food.

Irene Tukuafu said...

TOTALLY FASINATING. can I go there with you someday?