Thursday, July 08, 2010

A whole month went by already? Good grief.

"Two by Two, hands of blue...!"

Notice the clean white paper and the painted table.
Surprised baby.
A little secret hiding place at the botanical gardens.
Keiki Cove plumber butt.


Rosie Ginger Fairy

Toes! Tasty Tasty Toes!

Gotta try it out:

Reading "Baby and Child."

Too much, right?
I love the rainbow through the trees.
We had a yard sale! It was fun! After selling heaps of stuff for really nothing, I've decided I'm never going to pay full price for anything. Dental care, underthings-- nothing.

Tub for two

This kid is scootching all over the place!


Marco Davis said...

Amazing pictures of amazing girls! Can't wait to see you!!!

Sayyadina said...

Sorry to be Blog Stalking, but you just quoted Firefly and I couldn't NOT comment. I'm a DevotedBrownCoat. My daughter's name? River. This is Chelsea, btw. You are still awesome!