Thursday, June 10, 2010

Playin' around, the first o-bon of the summer, and three month birthday!

This is an actual strawberry that we found in our actual yard and Rosie got to actually eat!Rosie saw this and said, "She's doing Baby pose!"
Look at those juicy iguana arms.

My absolute favorite thing from our garden: sweet papayas with tart passionfruit. A-mazing.
Matt got kicked by a bull he was castrating.
Pickled mango! Made from our neighbor's mangoes and her "Anahola Japanese Association" recipe. Sugar, water, salt, li hing mui, apple cider vinegar, and green mangoes. Very very tasty.

Neener neener, buddhas.
We missed you, O-bon! Glad it's officially summer!

Thank you Connie for these wonderful cookie cutters! They are a hit.
Tap shoes at the beach.
I was having fun playing with my camera's various settings while Rosie was in her swim lesson.

The three month picture!

This baby is rolling all over the place.


Carolyn said...

You're pictures are capturing a high energy miss personality 3 month old. Hope I get to meet her!

Ann said...

She looks so long! Is she long?

Edmund just figured out how to roll off his tummy a couple days ago and hasn't been able to do it since. And boy, is he mad about that!

Love seeing pictures. Thanks for posting.