Saturday, July 31, 2010

Good life Kauai

Our neighbors have this mango tree in their front yard. It has been a good year for mangoes-- the thing keeps going off. There are still teensy green mangoes coming into adolescence right now. Those are delicious for pickling with sweet-sour-salty li hing mui. And the yellow ones, with a little soy sauce? And the fully orange ones, cut in half and procupined, indescribable. As big as RJ's head, obscenely juicy, and tongue-numbingly sweet.
I've made ,mango jam and pickled mango and mango ice cream and lots of smoothies-- but most of them we just eat as they are, rubbing our chins and cheeks in them.
Same neighbors, different fruit tree. This is a truly nasty fruit-- a surinam cherry. Bitter as acorns. Tongue-stripping bitter. Yurk. Rosie loves them. Blrgk.

But they are sure pretty...

Proof: our thumbsucker!
This means, "feed me, you jerk."

Not just ostriches do it.
Surfer girl!

iguana arms
This is our preschool hui! It's been a wonderful weekly co-op all summer, with lots of activities and messes. Such juicy kids.

Watching a mini-o-bon at the museum... Sa, sa, sa, subarashii saaaanday!


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