Monday, January 25, 2010

All about M and B

So this blog has a generally Rosie-absorbed gaze (being her doting mither, afterall). But through an odd confluence, this week we have a whole bunch of pictures of... Matt and Becca!
So, here I am, all 35 weeks of me, at N's b-day party. ROCK ON. All the photo credits of yours truly go to Candle and Julie. Mwa, Mwa!

FuREEZING at salt pond beach.
Julie's famous Gwai Gwai! (Notice my UV phobic getup. I look awesome at the beach, guys.)
At the baby shower! Thanks guys!
The swinging bridge in Hanapepe
The debut performance of The Mariposa Trio! In honor of Matt's and Robbie Burn's b-days, we played Ye Banks and Braes. Children chimed in on harmonica and rainbow xylophone.
What's this? Oh, just a trifle. :)
Happy Birthday, love!

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Marco Davis said...

Becca you're beautiful! I wish I could be there.