Saturday, June 30, 2012

Winter in Utah: Daily Life

Early Springtime Hike in the Foothills
Winter Hike

 So life in Logan wasn't all scenic winter vistas and authentic folk cuisine...
Real Live Green Jello with canned Pineapple in it!

There were a lot of exciting things we did. Like...

Eating Tasty over sized cookies...

Practicing Montessori levels of concentration with Auntie's goblets
Learning to Whistle while wearing a Cape Every Day

Collecting, labeling, and organizing hundreds or rocks
finding fossils

Learning to Braid

Performing science experiments to find the Xylum and turn stuff blue

homemade haircuts and wearing jammies all day
 Taking over the local playground

Eating flaming sushi

Getting fancy hair dos

flying kites

playing poker

Eating obscene amounts of Aggie Ice Cream

visiting the anthropology museum

And yes, building snow people!

And to make up for our lack of internet, we watched a LOT of library videos.

And carried our kids around in grocery bags.

Enjoying SPRING with our neighbors

Going to SCHOOL!!!

Mittens are AWESOME

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