Saturday, June 30, 2012

Winter In Utah: Adventures

 So my excuse for not blogging is that in January we packed our suitcases, kissed our goats goodbye, and moved, for a semester, to Logan Utah. I thought it was going to be cold, isolated, shocking, and stressful. But see, that's the beauty of being a dour miserable pessimist like me! With expectations so grim, imagine my delight when the whole experience was, yes cold, but also wonderful. Rather than dribble a stream of adjectives across your eye-screens, I will commit to verb! 

We traveled, and drove, and played games, and quit the internet, and sampled local delicacies, and enrolled in school (University and Preschool) and lived small and shopped big and practiced our Utah dialects and hiked in the snow. It was great, great fun.

Look at that big fat dinosaur footprint! From a creature named, appropriately, Gigantopus!
 We said Brrrr to Bear lake
 And were wowed by the long drive out the Arches
 And by arches itself...

 It was, eh hem, electrifying.

 We saw the writing on the wall

 And Zions awed us.

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