Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Rosie Jo and Maile-- who knows what their relationship will morph into? At the moment, Rosie constantly wants to "pet" the baby, and when Maile is napping, Rosie wants to "check on the baby" about every 10 minutes, which means jumping on the bed and doing flips and then pretending to be asleep while Maile, champion sleeper, frowns and stretches her fists above her head. And I wonder if Maile is tuned into her sister already-- today when Rosie got the giggles, Maile broke into one of those enormous open-mouth-baby-gum grins, flashing her DIMPLES. Dimples, people.

One of these children is just pretending to be asleep. One guess.
Oooooh, stretch.
Many generous people have given us adorable new clothes for Maile. Rosie tried several of these new cute baby outfits on... with frustrating, tantrum-on-the-floor results.
Face stickers. Or "ake-up."

who says you can't have fun with newborns?



Ann said...

Aww! I heart all of this.
Especially the "ake-up"--mother and daughter finally look alike to me in that photo.

shaunita said...

What a cute pair. I love the picture of them "sleeping" with RJ's arms up in the air. Also, E had a very similar baby clothes tantrum.

Kourtney said...

Every detail of the tantrum picture makes me laugh-- the little footsies, the shirt up to her armpits, the way her face is buried in her hands. So hilarious!