Saturday, March 13, 2010

6 days late... or... what we did during our spring break.

So Kate and KJ came out to help us for this baby's birth. But baby didn't realize their arrival was her cue to come on out-- so she gave six nice leisurely days past her due date to play, drive all over the island, see goats and nenes and whales...

So here's some of the things we did In The Meantime:

Danced around:

Climbed trees:

Went for walks:

Went to the beach:

Hung out with friends:

Went to "Museum Church"

Generally had an Aunty Love Fest:
Went West Side:

Hiked a mountain (I was starting to get serious about this Going-Into-Labor-Now thing)

Went East Side:

And engaged in lots of cooking, silliness, and fun. While we were waiting.


Ann said...

Every day over due feels like a week, no?

Katie and Sam said...

That was so fun! I think Maile couldn't have timed it better.