Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Puffy lip post-dentist girl

How unfair is it that this poor kid has already had 5 cavities? There is only one pediatric dentist on the island. It's a dark little cave of an office-- wails of the damned echo on blank walls, and the TV in the waiting room is tuned to the 24 hour Flashing-light-seizure-inducing-cartoon channel. They have a special little kid "papoose" thing-- a toddler Hannibal Lector strait jacket. As soon as they see Rosie, they get it out. It is nightmarish. And this last time, Rosie came away from the experience with this shockingly puffy lip. Poor ting!

But... she's obviously still herself.

And... here her fingers are "Fighting eachother!!!" complete with dialogue in different funny voices.


Mikilani said...

Poor little Rosie... She's a real trooper! :)

I love how they call it a papoose board, conjuring up cute little babies with fat cheeks all swaddled and cozy when the reality is far from it. I bet they strap war prisoners to the papoose boards before waterboarding. ;)

Elaine said...

poor girl. looks like she's going strong, though :)

we're having some dental adventures, ourselves. turns out that when you don't have dental insurance and skip going to the dentist for 4-5 years, bad things happen in there... who knew?

Katie and Sam said...

she's SUCH a davis girl! She looks like Liz in these photos!!! She's Sooooooooosososososso cute.

I hate hate hate the dentist.