Friday, November 20, 2009

Halloween. (Yes, I know, it's almost thanksgiving.)

This year's halloween challenge: create a festive Halloween-y atmosphere, without spending Any Money At all. So Rosie and I cut lots of spooky halloween-themed shapes out of her already-used but not worth saving for posteritydrawings. I love her very creepy many-legged spider in the lower left corner.

As you can see, my kid is a full-body-contact-artist. Below are her very vibrant and exciting "tatoos." Good thing there was a hose nearby. (What, art is fleeting.)

We had a huge pile of dried coconuts mouldering on our front step-- we painted them into shrunken heads instead of getting a pumpkin.

And.... Rosie is a swing-fiend.

And.... a dress-up Princess fiend. Everywhere we go, she heads straight for the dress-up pile. Each outfit lasts about 2 seconds, or however long it takes to twirl once.


Marco Davis said...

Got too many coconuts on the porch, cleverly apply some just the right paint using these simple to follow instructions, and, easy as that, coco-pumpkin art. The next Martha Stewart cover!

Ben Peters said...

Nice decorations! And that Rosie is just too cute.

I thought of you guys today as we were walking home from church, checking out all the Sunday brunch-goers at places we should have gone! Miss you guys.

Ben Peters said...

Actually, that last comment was from Kourtney, not Ben. Didn't realize Ben was signed in!

Katie and Sam said...

I love the leg tattoos, and the shrunken coconut heads... man, what a fun halloween!