Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Skills

Seems like everybody is picking up new fancy shenanigans, mastering new flights of fancy. Here are some:

Rosie took a three-week-long swim class at the YMCA and went from being a no-wet-face-choke-gag-barf-wimp to jumping into the deep end and going under water on her own and back floating fearless wonder. We went to the pool just about every day for those three weeks to get the most out of our limited membership before the class ended-- by the end the cute lifeguards all new Rosie. One lifeguard left a permanent impression on Rosie by flashing her silver tongue stud. Rosie gaped. Ever after, Rosie Jo carefully stuck her tongue out, too, every time we walked past her. The one boy lifeguard Rosie charmed completely. She called him Robbbbbbbbppppert. This was an excellent joke.

Also, RJ learned how to put on and zip her own pink cowboy boots!

Somehow, un-noticed till just now, this kid has started drawing recognizable objects. Chalk seems to be her preferred medium. Here's the artist at work.
"Things hanging on the hanger"

"4 monkeys" and "2 cats." Notice the cats' eyes and whiskers?
"That's a cat. Leave it alone, it's taking a nap." Eyes, whiskers, mouth
And look at these cute furry things, "cats."
Hehe, here we are about to do something that seems really naughty. We went for a walk down our dirt road and found a guava tree that was bountifully shedding its fruit. We picked up the cleanest nicest ones and made guava cupcakes, but the rest...
We squished.
A mound of cat-flesh on the cookbooks.
And Matt spent the weekend at an Aikido workshop. Here he is blasting an innocent bystander with his almighty ki force.


Katie and Sam said...

Awesome! Rosie has good handwriting too! (guffaharhar.)

Sarah said...

Way to go! Love the 'Eeeew" face. Perfect.