Monday, July 13, 2009

The Kid Is Funny.

Rosie has gotten to an age where just about everything she says is huh-larious. I make a mental note to write it down and remember it forever, but so much just slips away with the moment. Here is what she JUST said:
RJ, tapping on my toe: knock knock? Who's there?
me: Who's there?
me: Waaa-who? Oh, Whahoo!
RJ: hee hee hee.
me: Did you really just make a knock knock joke?
RJ: huh?

And yesterday:
RJ: Mommy, let's play I Spy. I spy a Store.
me: A store? Like *sign it* "Store?"
RJ: No! A store on a core!
me: Huh?
RJ: Right dere!
me: Ah! A star on a car!
RJ: hehehe.

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Katie and Sam said...

hahahaHAHAAhaha, I want to have smart kids some day.