Friday, January 09, 2009

Stormy Weather

Rosie the cat lady
Matt and Rosie, musicians.
Our little Potted garden.
Rosie taking the hamper for a stroll around the house
And a mysterious panda-like creature
The child tracing her elbow.
And running in the rain
And robot-ing in the rain
And a rainbow
Rainbow watching on a Tuesday morning
Wainbow-- ooooh, Wight Deah!
We went for a walk up a little road along the waimea river that recently flooded terribly and ripped through all the homes and farms along there.

"how odd! A chinese truck!" I thought. The next night we happened to watch "Tropic Thunder" (SOOOO stupid) and voila-- a flotilla of these trucks! The show was filmed on this island, so, I guess they left their weird old Chinese trucks behind.

Some ad hoc "repairs" being done on the river. The sign on the tree says "Parking for Hawaiians Only."
Prime Hawaii real estate.

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Katie said...

ohmygoshimissyousomuch!!!!!!!!! Give Rosie tonsohugs for me.