Sunday, October 28, 2012

Smiley Girls Getting Birthday Presents at Someone Elseʻs Birthday

So I should fire my blogger, but since Iʻm not paying her, I guess I should expect this sub-par blogging....  Ah well. Things have been so absolutely high-octane crazy that I feel like time is just crackling past-- sparks on a blanket quick and gorgeous and painful.

Here are some Photos from one of those quick lovely moments: a birthday party at a secluded little beach, elegant delicious food, kids rolling around on driftwood and crunching sand into their scalp-- Rosie and her friend showing off their newly learned Kindergarten Hawaiian and Maile and her friend eyeing each other warily. Rosie and Maile were so lucky to get beautifully matching Hello-Kitty Themed Late Birthday Treasures, because other people (not me) are thoughtful and generous like that. We stayed until it was dark and unfamiliar large bugs were buzzing around and wild cats were circling the parking lot and tourists were firing up BBQs behind their condos and the kids fell asleep in the car.

It was a brief little respite-- like a gasp of air in our otherwise underwater life. Thanks.

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