Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Big Trip Part 2: Portland, Maine

It's painful but also delightful to realize that I am a country mouse. Things like, local salami at a wine bar with local music sent me into a moony fit of delight. If I didn't live on a rock in the pacific with no wine bars and even less live music then I might think ho, hum. So, see? Deprivation is character building. Or, binge-inducing. Ho, hum.

 An actual dandelion, like a unicorn!

 Really, truly, lovely.

 What if mermaids only had pointy seashells?
 The Lobster Shack: worth the wait.

 Lobsters: thumbs up.

 Matt hates stuff like this. Thanks for humoring me, dear.

 LL Bean capital of the world...
 You can put the kid in the trout tank.
 I love me a retail outlet with taxidermy.


Jeremymlad said...

Fifth picture down is so pretty I could scream.

Irene Tukuafu said...

love your choice of flowers and ahhhhhhhhhhh, queen ann's lace with a little bug on it. R.J. way too cute.