Friday, July 01, 2011

I love to see the Temple

We got to go to Kauai's Hindu Monastery-- I gave Rosie the camera and told her to take pictures of 
everything that was interesting to her. I might betray her artistic vision by doing this, but I am not posting the 35 pictures of her own backpack, her own skirt, and the back of the stroller. Even though realizing that those things-- not, say, a giant bull being anointed with smoke, incense and water by shrouded swamis-- are  the most important to her is a great insight. Kids are more interested in the trees than the forest. 
It is a truly beautiful place-- shrine/botanical garden/ monastery/living garden of religion. And it was humbling for me to encounter an entire galaxy of thought and history and belief that I know absolutely nothing about. In college you are reminded constantly that you know nothing. Every 101 course is a shock of new knowledge. Out of school, though, it's easy to pick up the couple of familiar library books that snag your eye, and avoid entering into completely unknown worlds. Anyway, I'm thrilled we got to go, it was lovely. This is what my kids saw:

Lord Ganesh, remover of obstacles.

Our tour guide's legs. The photographer is only 3 feet tall after all.

The photographer's favorite shot-- the peacock's jewel.

Hi Ganesh! Apparently Ganesh is approachable and loving-- called "Mother Ganesh." He loves children and learning and is the one to address when you start on anything new-- he removes the obstacles.

The temple-in-progress

My camera lens was all smudgy. It made for lovely diffused light.

This stone is hand-quarried, chipped away with chisels and coconut husks.

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