Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Father's Day and More Family Delight

It's summer here in Kauai, which means even more beautiful light, early sunshine and late warm evenings. 

Walking through the Banyan tree to the beach.

Even cowboys hit the beach...

My car has hit that point of bussup-ed-ness that I can start patching it together with oversimplified philisophical statements! Also, by wearing my values on my bumper, I can consider my work done. I can drive like a jerk --"My Religion is Kindess!"-- and shop at Walmart --"Buy Local!"--. Maybe stop at Starbucks with my "RULDS2."

Matt went fishing and brought home the bacon! Or, more specifically, the Papio.

It was delicious.

MP is thinking, "I bet this succulent pig had a girlfriend..."

Happy Father's Day!

Beachwear meets eveningwear.

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