Saturday, March 05, 2011

Subtitled by Rosie

Today's titles are brought to you by RJ.
oooh booka dikka daaa
 Rose, Mary, Rose. I wanna call it. Rose, Mary, Rose. That's what I wanna call it.
 Whip cream baby nose.
 Cry, baby, in Towel.
 Stand, baby, my, room.
 Fall, sleep, baby. (Becca adds, The Ergo carrier ate my baby!)
 Rose, heart, rose. Why is there an R right there? Why are there two Rs mummummummum? (Becca: this is a self portrait. Note the poofy sleeves.)
 Fall, sleep, baby.
 In, a, box, with, two, chillin.


Liz said...

your kidlets are unbelievably cute! I can't wait until August when I can see them!

Nicole said...

I love the idea of having your child give titles! You guys are so cute, love your pictures!