Monday, October 25, 2010


Our little naturalist's roadside collection:
serene avocados:
standing up!
blissful sister moment:

Eating potting soil.
7 months!

our "swimming pool"


this "aperachute" kept buzzing our house to fill up at the reservoir to put out a fire down the road
Craft show!
We harvested our taro!
Rosie's people art-- they are faces in profile, with mouths cut out with scissors and "akeup" lipstick.

Happy b-day miss M!


Satomi Furukawa said...

Dear Rebecca

Hello! It's Satomi shimai.
Do you remember me?

I'm so sorry so long time no see you.

i checked you in facebook but i couldn't find you.

So.... But i can see your family's
photo. i surprised you have two kid's! haaha! and they looks so you. Kawaii!!

By the way, Do you live in Hawaii now??

Satomi Furukawa

Irene Tukuafu said...

WONDERFUL pictures as always. loved your photos of Utah and ahhhhhhhh, the first picture of the ocean...took my breath away...those lovely waves. and what is it that you have those vegies wrapted in? something like a see through tortilla? aloha, mama irene

MandB said...

Oh my goodness, how did you find me??? I'm very impressed. Yes, we're in Hawaii. I'm on Facebook under "Rebecca Davis Stevenson". Hopefully we can connect there!