Monday, September 10, 2007

Our Summer Vacation

Here's grandpa, armed with his "die-germs-die" gel.We went to the Brick Oven (nostalgic or what!) and even had apple beer. Here's the Rosie, her aunties, and Grandma Great Betty Jo Meeting Great Grandpa Duane at the Fiddlesticks reunion concert.
Narrowly escaping squishing from Kazoople "uncle" Xanny, age 4.

Does this sound like a great store or what? Notice the moving van, too. Giving us lots of ideas! We camped on Goose Lake one night-- right on the CA and OR border.
Section A student housing is finally going down. Here is what remains of our apartment, beloved 8G and all 340 sq. ft. of living space it provided. While we were in town they tore down a bunch of these, leaving only leady, aspestosy rubble.
Here's Rosie J. trying to knock Nat G. D. P. W over.
During this trip Rosie learned how to sit up! Our little girl...

We had a terrible three-legged trip over -- we arrived in Las Vegas at about 2 am our time. We paced the Las Vegas airport and played the obligatory $1. We were authentic LV zombies.
Rosie got to meet Auntie Katie and Great Grandma Louise for the first time.
Here's Charlie X looking like a little cherub in Boise. We love you, Darringtons!
Another little ghost-town store front.

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